Equitable Pledge

We pledge to use our resources, influence and power

as storytellers and producers

to make real change.

We commit to building

an equitable, diverse, anti-racist organisation.

How we do this:

  1. We are naming white supremacy and the impact of racism on both our personal and professional lives. We acknowledge the omni-present existence of white supremacy and how it operates and is supported in our company and are actively becoming anti-racist.
  2. We are committed to having a culture of anti-racist ideas and having a company made up of anti-racist policies.
  3. Committed to open-conflict and allowing discomfort. We will allow conflict to arise in our team and in our community. We will not try to hide it, delete it, or ignore it. We will allow space and room for everyone to be heard and address the needs of those raising the issues.
  4. We invest a percentage of our monthly company budget to BIPOC and LGBTQ community on an ongoing basis.